Campus Highlights

Participate in Advanced Aerospace Research

Our tenants routinely participate in breakthrough aviation research conducted in world-class labs, conducted by a team of leading experts from aviation, industry, academia, government and private companies.

High-Speed Connectivity

NARTP clients and the NARTP lab have direct, high-speed connectivity to the Federal Aviation Administration William J. Hughes Technical Center’s (WJHTC) data, systems and laboratories.

Networking with Leaders in Aerospace

Located in a centralized cluster of over 4,500 aviation professionals that encourages collaboration among business, academia and major research arms of the federal government.

Continuing Education

NARTP hosts on-site symposiums, conferences, open-houses and demonstrations. We also encourage mentor-protege relationships and university courses.

Global Aerospace Impact

Tenants can participate in groundbreaking programs that utilize prototyping, simulations, modeling and human factors to integrate new capabilities into the global aviation system.

Adjacent to a Smart Airport Test Bed

Atlantic City International Airport is on-site, presenting a ready and willing test bed for technology developed by tenants.

Green Environment

In a welcome contrast to the high-tech work that is unfolding at NARTP, the campus features a refreshingly rural environment with direct access to walking/jogging paths.